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Technical Subjects

  • Practice your Technical knowledge in electrical field in this quiz. It's all about R.A.7920, Ohm’s Law, Electrical machines like motors, generators and transformers, Control equipment like fuses, overload relays, safety switches, magnetic switches, circuit breakers, star-delta motor starters, transformer-type motor starters, D.C. motor starters, Electrical components like resistors, capacitors, inductors and semi-conductors, Maintenance and repair of electrical machinery. 

Note: This quiz is for educational purposes only.

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Each quiz is 20 items with 20 points and the passing score is 15 points. Good Luck.

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  1. question number 13. The Answer should be length and are increases ( R=pLA)

    1. pag lumaki ang area, bababa ang resistance. Length lang ang sagot

  2. good evening sir/maam

    tanong kpo lang po dba ang megger is a instrument to measure insulation resistance?
    kasi po ang question number 11 po kasi hand crank ac generator po kasi ang sagot...

    1. same din tanong ko, it is used to measure the insulation. not a crank ac generator.


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