Philippine Electrical Code Online Quiz

Philippine Electrical Code

Practice and review your knowledge in PEC. In RME board examination your knowledge in Philippine Electrical Code is very important. Here are some of the subjects you need to study and review; General requirements for installation of electric wiring and equipment, Approved wiring methods, Types of wiring materials and wiring devices, Installation of switchboard and panelboards, Installation in hazardous location, Wiring diagrams of different types of motor starters with motor protections, and Drawing symbols and wiring plans.

Note: This quiz is for educational purposes only.

Take time to answer the quiz below, submit and view your score:
Each quiz is 20 items with 20 points and the passing score is 15 points. Good Luck.

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  4. I always thought that Service Drops should be along in line with the Line Posts when connected to Residents, and not across the Street w/c is uneconomical in terms of Service Drop Costs and is hazardous to Pedestrians and Vehicles w/ the wires dangling overhead, am I right? Please enlightened me on this topic coz I felt our Coop Electricity Provider is not following the PEC (Philippine Electrical Code) for profit motives (saving on Line Posts when it should have been erected in the right places) in exchange of Hazardous Shortcut Implementations! Please send feedback to Thanks and good AM!


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